Twitching of Eye Superstition

Eye Twitching – Every person now and then experiences twitching of eyes and other body parts and of course it has several good and bad omens associated with it in every culture. Eye twitching has 4 components – Twitching under the eye, Twitching in the eyeball, Twitching of eyelids, Twitching of eyebrows

Based on superstitions, we can say that planetary movement tell us about the upcoming events in our life and the easiest way they are able to tell us is through twitching or flickering of eyes and eyelids.

Twitching of Eyeball

Twitching of right eyeball – It means good fortune is coming your way. You will receive comforting news from somewhere may be about your job, love life, family matters, monetary issues or anything for which you are eagerly awaiting a positive response.

Twitching of left eyeball is usually is a bad omen –You should be ready and prepared to receive some sudden bad news either in respect of your job, love life, family or other monetary and personal matters. Your life might soon take a turn which will be totally unexpected for you and might be unwanted also. DreamOzone suggests that if your left eye has started twitching more often, you should start introspecting your life and any unfavorable circumstances which may arise so that you could protect yourself from any unwanted happenings.

Twitching of Muscles Under the Eye

Twitching Under the Right Eye –It is the most common occurring twitching amongst most people. Twitching under right eye suggests a good news will come from academic or family side, such news will not take long to reach you. If the flickering is strong its a good omen. Sometimes twitching starts before you start an endeavor. It indicates the whatever target you have set for yourself it will be accomplished.

Twitching Under the Left Eye – Twitching under left eye is not a good omen. It indicates losses, troubles, hurdles, etc. in your life You will lose your peace of mind. All this will happen because you will find difficulty in achieving your targets.

Twitching of Eyelids

Twitching of Right Eyelid –Twitching of right eyelid suggests your positive state of mind. It also indicates a news coming to you that will make you happy like a birth of child

Twitching of Left Eyelid – Twitching of left eyelid indicates that you are scared and worried. You are not confident of yourself and it will reflect on your ventures.

Twitching of Eyebrows

Twitching of Right Eyebrow-Twitching of right eyebrow means that a positive result of your venture has been decided but it’s news will reach you late.

Twitching of Left Eyebrow –Twitching of left eyebrow along with left hand little finger suggests that your misdeeds have been caught and a bad name will come to you.