Twitching of Body Parts Superstitions

Twitching/Spasms/ Flickering means sudden movement of the body parts. It is also an omen or nature’s warning

Every planet in our solar system radiates its own specific kind of energy. These energies have different effects on individuals based on the planetary conjunctions they are born in.

Twitching of body parts are the attempts to tell us the positive or negative affects the energy of planets at a certain point of time when we are seeking for an answer or trying to forecast the results of our actions

Twitching of right Eye and Eyelids Superstition

Left Eye and Right Eye twitching astrology meaning superstition

 Twitching of right eye/eyelids means good fortune is coming your way. 

Twitching of left eye and eyelids usually is a bad omenFor more details on eye twitching click here.

Twitching of Thumbs Superstition

Left Thumb and Right Thumb twitching astrology meaning superstition

Twitching of right thumb of hand or left thumb of foot indicates that you are going to be successful in the venture/exam/quest you are entering. All your wishes will be fulfilled very fast maybe within a day. It represents victory over your enemies and sure shot success in the endeavor you are entering.

Twitching of right thumb of foot or left thumb of hand indicates problems hindrances and bad luck in ventures.

Twitching of Elbow Superstition

Elbow twitching astrology meaning superstition

Twitching of Left Elbow Superstition  suggests that you are unnecessarily worried, you are thinking too much over a certain issue. You need to relax and be peaceful.

Twitching of Right Elbow Superstition suggests that a third person totally unknown to you will come in your life for short span of time and benefit you.

Twitching of Fingers Superstition

Fingers twitching astrology meaning superstition

Twitching of fingers of right hand indicates gain as elaborated below.

Twitching of right hand Index finger Superstition  indicates gains good news in exams or marriage/love related issues. The results may not be imminent but it will be in your favor for sure in long run.

Twitching of right hand Middle finger Superstition  indicates monetary and earthly gains. The finger represents planet Saturn, so if Saturn planet is favoring you that means there is no stopping. The gains will be huge in whatever form and it will stay for long with you.  

Twitching of Ring finger of right hand Superstition  indicates rise in position, fame and promotion. As the finger represents planet sun it surely means you will rise and shine in your life.

Twitching of right hand little finger Superstition  indicates good news coming to you. This finger represents planet mercury. This means the results will  be coming very quick to you. All the results are mostly opposite with the Twitching of Left Hand Fingers.

Twitching of Thumb of Left Hand– It indicates delay and obstacles in results awaited. You will not get a favorable outcome on the thoughts that you are thinking at the moment when twitching starts.

Twitching of Index finger of Left Hand – When you are thinking of a loved one and trying to get a hold of what future has for you both and is at that time left index finger twitches then be rest assured that your relationship will not be successful in the long run and will not have a good effect on you, it is advised that you do not pursue contact with that person further.

Twitching of left foot little finger Superstition – Many a times you may have noticed that little finger of left foot twitches in sync with right 
hand’s little finger; so its twitching also indicates the results in same way i.e. positive, good news and happiness.

Twitching of right foot little finger Superstition -Its result is same as left hand little finger i.e. bad news coming your way

Twitching of Head Superstition

Twitching of head astrology meaning superstition

It indicates success in any no matter what venture you are entering.

Twitching of Fore Head Superstition – Twitching of right side of head indicates gain in real estate, properties profit etc.It means you will rise through your intellectual ideas.

Twitching of left side of forehead Superstition  indicates gain, profits and success but the efforts will bear fruit a little late. 
Click Here  –   Elaborate details on head twitching

Twitching of Eyebrows Superstition

Twitching of eyebrows astrology meaning superstition

Twitching of Right side of eyebrows tells that you are going to get good news. Twitching Left eyebrows indicates tension and bad news coming your way.

Twitching of Center of eyebrows Superstition  – Their twitching indicates success, good news and victory in your quest.

Twitching of Eye and Eyelids Superstition -Twitching of right eye/eyelids means good fortune is coming your way. Twitching of left eye/eyelids results in bad omen. 

Twitching of Nose Superstition

Twitching of nose astrology meaning superstition

This indicates success in academic field as the nose is related to planet Jupiter which is related to studies.

Twitching of Lips Superstition

Twitching of Lips Superstition

It indicates good fortune/news in love related matters.

Twitching of Chin Superstition

Twitching of chin astrology meaning superstition

It indicates bad news coming your way in your love life if twitching is on the left part. If twitching is on right side if chin then it indicates beginning of  new love life.

Twitching of Neck Superstition

Twitching of neck astrology meaning superstition

It shows you are in fear and you are seeking divine intervention for your problems. If twitching is on the right side then surely you will be relieved from your problems pretty soon. If it’s on the left you will have to wait for some time to get relieved.

Twitching of Back Superstition 

Twitching of left side of back indicates loss, defeat and failures especially if the twitching is in morning when you are only 20% asleep and it feels that a bee is fluttering close to your back.

Twitching of right side of  back indicates happiness and harmony of mind. You will have a smooth ride in your ventures.

Twitching of Chest Superstition 

This indicates success, increase in fame and good news coming your way.

Twitching of Stomach Superstition 

Twitching of stomach astrology meaning superstition

It indicates economic and financial stronghold and monetary gains.

Twitching of Thighs/Legs Superstition

Twitching of thighs astrology meaning superstition

It indicates success and good luck. If twitching is on the right side then you will get more that you asked for. If twitching is on the left side you will get what you desired.

Twitching of Shoulders Meaning

Twitching of shoulders astrology meaning superstition

Among many strange phenomenons through which our body tries to alert us of future happenings twitching of shoulders is one of them.

Twitching of right shoulder indicates opulence and happiness in bulk coming to you. It indicates growth, rise at workplace, control over your peers, Recognizance of your work and award for it. A good news can come from your family also. A promotion for someone close to you.

Twitching of left shoulders indicates depression and restrictions on you. Your progress is binded by someone and you may not be able to gain upto your full potential.

Twitching of Cheeks Superstition

Twitching of cheeks astrology meaning superstition

Twitching of right cheek indicates gains and fame.It also indicates start of new love life.Alternatively it means inflow of money to you.

Twitching of left cheek indicates losses and tensions. There maybe a loss from love life.

Twitching of Ears Meaning

Twitching of ears astrology meaning superstition

Twitching of right ear is a good omen. It suggests that some good information is coming your way very soon, you will not have to wait long for it.

Twitching of left ear is not a good sign. It indicates difficulties and losses that you may suffer in near future.