Superstitions Related to Twitching of Nose

Nose plays a vital role in astrology as it is related to planet Jupiter which is directly related to financial matters, marriage, job, progress in politics, higher studies etc. Whenever the nose twitches it somehow indicates the effect of Jupiter on you at that particular time. Let us try to understand twitching of nose in detail. In general twitching of nose is a good sign

Twitching of Left Side of Nose Meaning – Flickering of left side of nose indicates delay of promotion in job. Suppose you are awaiting for you result of promotion and you left side of nose twitches for a short span then it indicates that the results will not be in your favor. 

Alternatively if you are going for a marriage proposal and left side of nose  starts twitching then rest assured that bond you are looking for will not take place.

Twitching of Right Side of Nose Meaning – Spasms on right side of nose is definitely a good sign. This indicates massive success in your career. You may get promotion or a foreign travel that you have been waiting for. Alternatively marriage may be on cards. In layman terms a big favorable leap in your life will take place.