Twitching of Lips Superstition

Superstitions Related To Twitching of Lips

Twitching of Lips can be a bit irritating if it starts in front of someone and its meaning is a complex one. Lip twitching can be divided in four parts. Left and Right part of Upper Lips and Lower Lips Twitching. 

Left Upper Lip Twitching Superstition – It indicates a loss of friend. You may get into wild fight with one of your close relations, they may be friends, relatives or lover. You will not be the cause of the issue but your anger will play a role in escalating the situation. You need to be calm and level headed at this point of time to maintain your relationship.

Right Upper Lip Twitching Interpretation – It indicates gain of money, you may enter into a love relationship or get benefit from opposite sex. There will be people jealous of you because of this. Family relations will improve and you may receive a gift from them.

Left Lower Lip Twitching Interpretation – Let lower fluttering of lips indicates disgrace received from someone or society. You may loose your reputation because of someone from opposite sex. You will feel yourself sinking into depression.

Right Lower Lip Twitching Interpretation – It indicates indulgence in luxurious activities and loss of money thereof. You may loose money in casino or loose a bet. But you will feel happy with all of it. A foreign trip is also indicated with this twitching.