Superstitions Related to Twitching of Head

Twitching of Head Superstition

Ever wonder – Why there is twitching of head? Or What does it mean when our head twitches?

Let’s try to understand – The head or skull in our body is governed by planet Mars. So twitching of head results will be the positive or negative outcomes in the areas where planet Mars has its influence.

In general Mars relates to travel, passion, wealth, competition, travel, accidents, our blood, promotions, war etc.

Now head twitching can be in four ways: – Top portion of head twitching, Front part (forehead) of head twitching, Back of head twitching, Left/Right part of forehead twitching.

Lets start with top of head here:

Top of Head Twitching Superstition

If there is flickering on the centre of head first be rest assured it is a good sign. It could mean increase in your wealth. There could be a promotion or you may get a new job.

Twitching on the centre of head Superstition

It indicates exaltion, satisfaction and content with your surroundings. If you were in some problem or something was blocking you progress then very soon all of it will perish. You will have a clear path to your aim. You will find that other people or friends are taking initiatives to help you. There will be abundace of energy and satisfaction in you when there is flickering on head.

In a nutshell whatever endeavour you have taken for yourself it will be a success.

Twitching of forehead Superstition

Flickering of forehead indicates gains or losses which are accompained throuh travel. It means that it forecasts the results of endeavour for which you needed to travel some place far away.

If there is twitching in the middle of eyebrows then you may have to take on a journey which will be fruitful. The outcome of that travel will be positive and in your favour.

If there is twitching on left side of forehead then it indicates that the outcomes of a particular journey will not be in your favour. There will be loss and disappointments.

If the twitching is on right side of forehead then it signifies that travelling will bear good outcomes. Things will go as per your wishes in near future.

Twitching of backside of head Superstition

If there is flickering on the backside of head it indicates that whatever good you are expecting, will happen but it will be late than expected.