Superstitions Related To Twitching of Cheeks

Twitching of cheeks is the most common phenomenon seen by us. It’s duration is usually longer than other twitching. It is assumed that cheeks are related with planet Venus the God of love and luxury. Lets try to understand what could be the indications of cheek twitching

Twitching of Left Cheek Interpretations – This is not a good omen. It means there will be a loss is status; your reputation in social life will go down. It also may indicate loss in financial matters. All this downfalls could be because of your careless and half hearten attitude towards things. You should focus more and take issues at hand seriously. There will be no major setbacks because of left cheek twitching but it will definitely turn your mood down.

Twitching of Right Cheek Interpretations – This is a sign that good things are there in store for your future. You may receive good new on love related matters. Alternatively a barrier in your path would be removed automatically which you may be thinking difficult to avoid. A bond or a new friendship will take place with the person to whom you are approaching for the same.