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Dream Meaning of Poop

Many a times you may have seen yourself pooping, either in the washroom, on the fields or on the floor etc. OR you may just have dreamed of poop in your dreams.

You may have read articles on different websites about dream of poop. Allow me tell you exactly what it means.

First lets talk about pooping yourself. In your dream you may be pooping in awkward circumstances, like in front of somebody or in your clothes etc. and on first thought it gives a negative impression and a dirty feeling. You may think that some ominous event will take place though actually it’s quite the opposite.

To dream of pooping indicates gain of money and money only, it may be in small or large amounts but you will gain cash or money from somewhere. The inflow of money could be from your parents, friends or lottery. Alternatively you could get promotion or a business deal may go through successfully. Pooping dream only indicates inflow of funds, it could be through you normal channels from which you may already be getting regular income.

Now for the second part, if you just see a poop lying somewhere then it’s not a good sign. It means obstacle and defamation for yourself. Everything in your life may seem to be going on the right path when suddenly out of the blue you will face roadblocks.

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