Dream Dictionary V

Dream dictionary of dreams starting with letter V

Vacant-Seeing something vacant in your dream indicates that you are feeling alone and missing something in life. It might also mean that you need to be alone and want some emotional or physical space.


Vacation -To dream of being in vacation means that you are looking for time to relax and need to revitalize and rejuvenate yourself. If your vacation turns out to be awful, it means that you are not able to let go of your responsibilities and issues in your life.


Vaccination -To dream of being vaccinated means that there is some weakness and vulnerabilities of yourself which you need to overcome.


Vacuum -Vacuum in a dream relates to emptiness, loneliness and sadness in your life. You need to get rid of all your negative and sad thoughts and allow the void in your life to get filled.


Valentine's Day -Dreaming about Valentine's Day indicates that you are involved in a new healthy & loving relationship which means a lot to you. You want to show the person whom you love about how much he/she means to you.


Valley -Dreaming about being a valley is refreshing. It symbolizes serenity, calmness & fertility. To see yourself walking in a valley represents that you are undergoing a change in life facing difficulties and struggles but ultimately you will come out of all the difficulties in your life.


Vampire -To dream of vampires represent heightened emotions which may be sensual or emotional. Vampires reflect a combination of nobility along with aggression. The dream also indicates that there is something in your life which you know is not good for you but still you are attracted towards it. Vampire dreams are also indicative of your deep buried sexual desires.


Vasectomy -Dreaming about vasectomy indicates that there are some issues in your sex life and you are not happy. You may also be having doubts about your image.


Vaseline -Vaseline dreams are soothing and calming. If you apply Vaseline in a dream it might indicate that something in your life needs to be pacified and soothed. Vaseline in a dream may also indicate that there are some wounds and pain in your life which needs to be healed.


Vault -Seeing a vault in a dream indicates that you are not using your entire potential and available resources. You are keeping a hidden reservoir of your potential which you are yet not ready to use. You need to break that virtual lock on your potential and allow yourself to utilize it fully.


Vehicle -Vehicle dreams are related to the speed and direction in which your life is moving. Driving a vehicle too fast means that you treat life like a race and you always rush for everything. Having a medium and controlled speed means that you are keeping a regular pace in life and believe in doing hard work in order to achieve your goal. Driving a vehicle too slowly might indicate that either you are not having any clear outlook of what you want in life or you are overcautious in whatever you do in life.


Veil -Wearing a veil in dream indicates that you want to hide something. There are things which are not exactly what they look like and you need to hide those things.


Veins -Seeing your veins in dream reflects that there are things in life which you should take seriously and ready to face any challenge which might test your abilities and nature.


Venom -Venom is symbolic to repressed anger and feelings of hatred. People around you may be hostile towards you and you feel anger and resentment towards them.


Ventriloquist-A ventriloquist in a dream is symbolic to deceptions and other treason around you which you feel in a negative manner. To dream that you are a ventriloquist signifies your selfish and hypocrite nature and your capability to depict dishonorable conduct and deceive people who trust you.


Venus-Venus in a dream is symbolic to love, desire, fertility, beauty, and femininity.


Veranda -To dream of being in a veranda indicates that you want to relax and calm down and lower down your anxiety. You may also be trying to generate an open and positive outlook in life.


Verdict -Hearing a verdict in your dream indicates that you need to face the truth. The dream may also indicate that people around you are trying to judge and criticize you.


Veterinarian -If you have a pet and you see a veterinarian in your dream, it represents your concern, care and love towards your pet.


Victory-Victory is symbolic to your confidence and positive outlook. You have achieved whatever you wanted and you feel proud and motivated with your abilities.


Video -Dreaming about making or editing a video is symbolic of you trying to manipulate others and to portray a false image of yours.


Video Game -Playing a video game indicates that you are in a playful mood and want to escape from your problems. You want to relax and enjoy and are trying to avoid problems around you. To dream of being a video game character indicates that you are feeling overpowered by others and people are trying to manipulate and control you. To portray your own life as a video game indicates that you are taking your life seriously and you are not having any clear cut goal set for you.


Video Store -Being in a video store indicates that you are trying to relive various phases of your life and want to see you own summary of life in a video.


Videotape -Watching a videotape in your dream is related to your desire to take a break and relax. It might also mean that you are trying to relive your past memories and repressed thoughts. Rewinding a videotape indicates that you regret some of your past actions and want to rectify them. Forwarding a videotape suggests that you want to run away from your current situation.


Village -To dream about village represents that you are trying to relive your childhood and old memories. Village is also a symbol of community, simplicity, and tradition.


Vines -Vines are symbolic to your feeling of being trapped in a relation or a situation. Vines are also symbolic to your hopes, ambitions, thoughts and ideas. Grape vines in particular are a symbol of spirituality and prosperity on one hand and sensuality and sexuality on other hand.


Vineyard -Vineyard is a symbol of your labor and efforts which will pay you off in long time.


Violence -Violence is related to repressed anger and rage inside you. Enjoying violence refers to your aggressive and intense nature. If someone is being violent to you, it means that you are feeling guilt for some act of yours and you want yourself to be punished.


Violin-Seeing or hearing a violin in your dream refers to the peace and calmness in your life. A broken violin is an indication of sadness and despair. Playing a violin in your dream indicates that you are at peace and want to enjoy yourself.


Virgin -To dream of being a virgin indicates your purity and innocence. If however, you are not a virgin and still dream of being so it indicates your regret about your past. You need to forget your past and look forward to what future holds out for you.

To dream of losing virginity to someone relates to your desire to fulfill you physical and emotional needs. The dream might also refer to your desire to lose your virginity in your waking life.


Virgin Mary-Seeing Virgin Mary in your dream signifies selfless love, compassion, spiritual harmony and ideal motherhood.


Virgo -Dreaming of being a Virgo indicates that you are a perfectionist and you want each and every thing around you to be perfect and error free. Virgo also denotes cautiousness, purity and perfection.


Virus - A computer virus in a dream represents that things are going out of control around you and you are not able to fix the situation. To dream of getting a viral infection indicates that you are not feeling good about something and are facing some sort of emotional breakdown in your life. The dream simply might also indicate that you need to take care of your health and yourself.


Lord VishnuTo dream of lord Vishnu symbolizes love, mercy, grace, and truth.


Vision - Having visions in dream indicates that you mind is not under restraint and is free to explore and wander. It might also indicate that you are trying to foresee future outcome of present acts and doings.


Visit -Visiting someone in a dream means that you are trying to connect with someone whom you have been neglecting from some time. If someone visits you in dream, it indicates that you are important to them.


Vitamins -Seeing or taking a vitamin in your dream indicates that you need revitalize and strengthen yourself. It might also mean that you are sick and you need to include vitamins in your diet.


Voiceless -To dream that you are voiceless is a bad omen. It represents a loss power and control and total failure in your job or love life.


Voices -To hear voices in your dream signify a message from the subconscious. If you can relate the voice to person then you need to get in touch with that person. There may be some important information that you may get from him /her.


Volcano-To see a volcano in your dream indicates that a strong unstoppable trouble is coming your way. You you are able to save yourself in your house or somewhere then its affects will be minimized with the help of your family.


Vote -To dream that you are casting a vote indicates that you want to clearly express your opinion and thoughts to everyone.


Voucher - Seeing a voucher in your dream indicates that the hard work and efforts you put into some work will bring positive outcome and open a whole array of new opportunities to you.

Vow -To dream of making a vow indicates that someone is relying on your words and you will not let them down. A marriage vow in dream is symbolic to your love and commitment to your partner.

Voyage -To dream of going on a voyage indicates that you want to discover yourself and the world around you. You may also be going through some emotional phase and the scenes of your voyage in dream relate to the feelings you are having at present.


Vulture-Vultures are symbol of purity as well as doom. A vulture may also indicate that someone is trying to gain opportunity on your mistakes and trying to take your advantage.