Dream Dictionary U

Dream dictionary of dreams starting with letter U

UFO-To dream of UFO indicates that you feeling alienated and aloof. It might also relate to your interest in extraterrestrial beings and life. If you are a researcher doing some research on aliens then the dream is totally related to your professional curiosity.


Ultrasound-To dream of having an ultrasound signifies that you are expecting new and good news in your life. If you are married or in a living relation then it may relate to your desire og getting pregnant and having a baby.


Umbilical Cord -An umbilical cord is symbolic to the fact that you need others support and are lacking on individuality.

To dream of cutting an umbilical cord means that you are ready to stand on your feet and are becoming self-sufficient.


Umbrella -Seeing an umbrella in dream indicates that you are trying to shield your emotions from others and are trying to avoid them. A broken umbrella is symbolic to the fact that you are not prepared to face your problems. Opening an umbrella means that you are finally ready to confront your feelings.


Umpire -An umpire in your dream indicates that you are you are being unfair and even ready to cross some boundary for taking an advantage.

Uncle -An uncle in a dream is indication of your family heritage and trait. You feel attached to your family and family values.


Unconscious -To dream of being unconscious indicates that you are unable and helpless to perform some task.


Undercover -To dream that you are undercover represents that you are trying to hide yourself from others. It might also indicate that you are trying to go away from those around you and trying to portray yourself as something which you are not.


Underground -If you go underground in your dream, it indicates that you do not want to be noticed by others maybe you are feeling low and are facing certain issues in your mind.


Undertaker -Seeing an undertaker in your dream is motivating and indicates that you need to take responsibilities in life.


Underwater -To dream that you are underwater represents that you are overcome with emotions and need greater purpose in your life. You may even be over your head in some circumstances.

To dream that you are breathing underwater signifies a withdrawal back into the state where you so not need to take your responsibilities. You yearn for a chance to return to a position where you were liberated from responsibilities. Maybe you were feeling unable to provide for your own needs and caring about yourself. You may even be inundated in your own sentiments.


Underwear -To dream of being in underwear indicates that you are being ashamed of some situation and have lost respect for yourself. If you feel ashamed in underwear it indicates that you are reluctant in revealing your true feelings, attitudes, and other habits/ideas. If being in underwear does not bother you, it indicates that you are ready to reveal hidden aspects of yourself. To dream of not wearing any underwear indicates that you deep buried secrets will be revealed.


Undress-Dream about undressing yourself indicates that you want to open yourself and explore the worlds and you are not shy about who you are. To dream about undressing someone else indicates that you are trying to understand that person more clearly. Undressing dreams may also be related to your sexual desires. The person whom you are undressing or the person in front of whom you are undressing yourself will make you understand the dream better.

Unemployed -To dream that you are unemployed indicates that you are low on motivation and feel insecure. You are feeling depressed and think that your potential is inadequate.


Unfortunate-Dreaming of being unfortunate actually means that your fortune is going to take a good turn. The dream has contrasting meaning and is a good sign for your life.


Unicorn-Seeing a unicorn in your dream is motivational and is symbolic to hope and insight in some situation. Unicorns also represent power, gentleness, and purity.


Unicycle -Dreaming about riding a unicycle indicates your capability to control a situation and exercise authority in both personal and business matters.


Uniform-To dream that you are wearing some particular uniform indicates that you want to be a part of that group. To see a military or police uniform is symbolic to your patriotic and selfless nature. To dream of a nurse's uniform indicates cleanliness, compassion, and proneness. To see a school uniform means you are missing your classmates and school.


Universe -Universe in a dream is symbolic to never-ending opportunities and possibilities. It might also represent your interest in astronomy and your desire to solve the mystery of universe.


Unknown-Seeing an unknown person in your dream is related to some part of yourself which is repressed and hidden. To see yourself in an unknown place represents that some change is coming in your life. If, however, you are not happy with your surroundings, it indicates that you are not ready for the change and you want to resist it. If you feel happy and excited, it means that you are happy and ready for the new change in your life.


Unprepared -To dream that you are unprepared for something indicates that you are experiencing anxiety and fear towards something new which is going to happen in your life. The dream also represents your lack of self confidence and self-esteem.


Unwrap -Unwrapping a gift is related to hidden abilities which you have inside you but you are not letting them out. You recognize your talent but are afraid to use them.


Upside Down-To dream that you are upside down indicates that there is some situation or problem in your waking life which you need to fix.


Upstairs -To dream that you are upstairs of a building indicates your practical and objective approach in life and your higher level of understanding in life.


Uranus -Uranus in a dream is symbolic to originality, unconventional thinking, independence, freedom, and individualism.