Dream Dictionary Q

Dream dictionary of dreams starting with letter Q

Quack Doctor -Seeing a quack doctor in your dream indicates that you need to be cautious with people around you and should not trust blindly on anyone. Things and people may not be the same as they seem to be.


Quack Medicine -To dream of taking quack medicine implies that you are not being honest with others and even with yourself. May be you are doing things which are not right and also approaching towards things in a wrong way.


Quadruplets-Seeing quadruplets in your dream indicates your feeling of completeness and wholeness. You are finally embracing your destiny and who you are.


Quagmire-Seeing yourself stuck in a quagmire indicates that you are feeling helpless and are not able to do what you wish. Might be you are stuck somewhere in your waking life and are not able to fulfill your duties.


Quail -Seeing a quail in your dream is symbolic to love, passion, desires and lust. The dream also indicates that you soon will be overcoming obstacles in your path.

Quaker-Quaker represents peace, serenity and your spiritual beliefs. To dream that you are a Quaker indicates that you want some time for introspecting yourself and which to be in peace for some time.


Quarantine-To dream that you are being quarantined indicates that you and your actions are being watched and you need to think thoroughly before acting.

Quarrel -To dream about quarrelling with someone is related to negative feelings you have for that person in your waking life. The dream is also related to your frustration and repressed feelings of anger inside you.


Quarry-Seeing a quarry in your dream is related to you emotional condition. You are feeling overwhelmed by some emotions may be an important relationship of yours has ended or is about to end.

Quartet -To dream that you are in a quartet is related to your practical approach towards things. You understand the need of the hour and are willing to take support from others and even work in partnership to achieve success.

Quay -To see yourself on a quay indicates that your life is in a transitional phase and something new is waiting for you.


Queen -To see a queen in your dream is symbolic to power, influence and growth in life. To dream of yourself as a queen indicates that you want power and status in life and you want to dominate over others.


Quest -To dream that you are on a quest indicates that you are clear about what you want in life and how you are going to achieve it. You have set goals for yourself and also have designed the path also you need to take in order to achieve them.

To dream about questioning something indicates that you are not confident enough and are doubtful in life. To dream that someone is asking you a question indicate that you are knowledgeable and believe in sharing your knowledge.


Quicksand-To dream that you are sinking in quicksand is related to feelings of insecurity. Maybe you are afraid of something in your waking life or are unsure about something.


Quill-To see or write with a quill in your dream is related to social status, sophistication, class and prestige. The dream might also be telling you to be careful with what you write.

Quilts -To see a quilt in your dream is symbolic to warmth, comfort, protection and harmony. Seeing a dirty and soiled quilt in your dream signifies carelessness and negligence in dress and manner.

Seeing a quiver in your dream indicates that you need to totally focus on your goal. Quivers are an indication of your perseverance and dedication to achieve your goals.

Quintuplets are symbolic to five basic senses in a human being: sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch.