Dream Dictionary N

Dream dictionary of common dreams starting with letter N

Nail Polish-To polish your nails in your dream indicates that you need to focus on your goals and think about ways in which you can accomplish them. To dream that you are changing your nail polish color indicates that you are cautious about how you present yourself to others.


Nails-To see that you are hammering nails in your dream is related to your hard working and persistent nature. Nails in your dream are also symbolic to long and continuous hard work which you do but do not get enough compensation and accomplishment for the same.


Naked-To dream that you are naked is related to your fear of being exposed in front of others for some of your activities. The dream also indicates your vulnerability to a situation or problem.

If you see a naked person in your dream and feel disgusted by it, it means that you are learning some ugly truth about that person may be about some illicit love affair or some scandalous activity.

To dream that everyone around you is naked except for you indicates that you are hiding something from others and feel uncomfortable about telling it to others.


Name- To dream that you forget your own name or someone else's name who is closer to you indicates that you are feeling overburdened, exhausted and overwhelmed and you need to take a break and relax.

To hear someone calling your name in dream indicates that you feel important and recognized for your abilities and uniqueness.

To dream that you changed your name or are referred to by a different name indicates that you are undergoing a big transformation in your waking life.


National Anthem-To hear or sing the national anthem of your own country in your dream signifies pride, love and devotion towards your country.


Native Country-To dream about your native country indicates that you are missing your roots, family and place where you came from.


Nature-To dream about nature indicates feelings of calmness, peace, freedom, tranquility, rejuvenation and inner happiness.


Navel -Seeing your navel in dream indicates that you need to find your center and things which connect you to ground like your connection to your mother.

To dream that you or someone has a navel piercing indicates your fashion sense and your liking towards naval piercing.

Navy -To dream that you are in the Navy is symbolic to your patriotic nature and your disciplined and structured life. You live in a strictly disciplined life and expect others to follow the same pattern.


Nazi -To see a Nazi in your dream signifies presence of some merciless and evil forces in your life which you are not able to handle.


Near Death Experience -To have a near death experience in your dream indicates that you are about to make some big and life changing decision in your waking life and the dream is some sort of warning telling you to decide wisely. The dream might also be telling you to change some of your old and bad habits which can affect your life negatively.


Neck-Seeing your neck in dream is symbolic to your control over your body and mind. It represents your willpower and control over your feelings and emotions.

To dream that your neck is injured or sore indicates that you are upset about something and are at conflict with your inner self. You are not able to keep your feelings in control.


Necklace-To see or wear a necklace in your dream is symbolic to your desire and fondness of power, wealth, money and position. It is also related to your unsatisfied desires which you seek to satiate.


Nectar -To see or make nectar in your dream is related to sweetness, joy and happiness in your life.


Neighbor-To dream of having a neighbor who is good and accommodating signifies your peace in your personal life and calmness at your home. If you dream that your neighbor is angry or unfriendly, it indicates that you are feeling disappointed and are having some issues with your neighbor in your waking life.


Neighborhood -To dream about your neighborhood is symbolic to your social life and community. May be you feel alone and need to develop new friends and new ties.

To dream that you are in an unknown neighborhood indicates that you are going to some new and unfamiliar place and are anxious and uneasy about that.

To see a poor neighborhood in your dream indicates that you are feeling exhausted and drained. May be you are in need of love and support of your close ones.


Neptune-To see the planet Neptune in your dream is symbolic to inspiration, imagination, compassion, understanding and devotion. Te see Neptune god in your dream is symbolic to your repressed anger which you need to control.


Nerd -To see or dream that you are a nerd represents that you feel inferior, ignore and irrelevant.


Nervous Breakdown-To dream that you or someone has a nervous breakdown indicates that you are on the verge of losing your temper in some situation or in some relation. The dream might also indicate that you are not able to trust your own judgement completely and are not decisive on how you should proceed about some situation.


Nest -To see a nest in your dream is symbolic to your home. Maybe you are living somewhere far away from your native and are missing your roots. The dream also signifies comfort, safety, homeliness and protection.

If the nest is full of eggs, it means that you feel that your life is financially secured and you need to worry about your financial needs.


New Year -To dream of the New Year indicates prosperity, hope, new beginnings and an opportunity to make a fresh start in personal life or in job.


New York -To dream that you are in New York even if you do not live there indicates your desire to visit that place. The dream might also be related to your busy and fast lifestyle just like the lifestyle in city of New York.


News-To hear some news or to watch some news in your dream indicates that your subconscious in trying to communicate with your about something very important which otherwise you are not ready to hear. Hearing good news or bad news in dream is conversely related to news in your waking life.

Newspaper -To see or read a newspaper in your dream indicates that you are trying to find a solution to some problem or are trying to gain insight to some situation. To understand your dream more clearly try to focus on the news you are reading and relate it to your waking life. To dream that you are a newspaper reporter indicates that you want te reveal some truth to others which are hurting your conscious.


Niche-To dream that you are in a niche relates to your need to belong to some place which is different from normal life.


Nickname-To hear a nickname in your dream indicates your relation and closeness with a person whom name you see in dream. To hear someone calling you by your nickname in dream indicates your closeness with people around you especially your friends and family.


Night -To dream that you are out in night indicates that you are about to face some obstacles and setbacks in life for which you might not be prepared. Maybe you are facing some issues which are filling your head and you are not able to clear it out. To dream that it is night time but still its as bright as day indicates that you have gained some clarity and insight in your issue and have come up with a solution to your problem.


Nightclub -To dream that you are in a nightclub is related to your likeness towards the place. The dream also indicates that you want to enjoy your life and live it to the fullest without caring what others will think about you.


Nightgown-To dream yourself in a nightgown indicates that you are ready to acknowledge and express some attributes and aspects of yourself which you earlier wanted to hide from others.


Nightmare -To dream that you are having a nightmare suggests that you you are living life under too much of pressure. You need to tone it down and allow the mind and body to rest and heal.

The dream may mean that you are experiencing a setback toward your goals. You need to learn to take a negative and turn it into a positive.


Nightingale -To see a nightingale in your dream indicates love and new beginnings.

To hear a nightingale in your dream denotes new beginning and spiritual enlightenment.


Ninja -To see a ninja in your dream symbolizes hidden and more powerful forces around you. The behavior of ninjas in your dream will allow you to guess whether the forces are in your favor or not.


Nipples -To see nipples in your dream relate to love relationships.

To dream that you are squeezing pus out of your nipples refers to your love relationship going sour. You are feeling sexually inadequate.

To dream that you have no nipples or that they have disappeared refer to your lack of sexual desire.

To dream that your nipples are scabbed or scarred indicate that you are feeling undesirable or un-womanly.


Noise-To hear or make a strange noise in your dream indicates that unexpected and the unknown things may happen around you. You are living in fear or confusion about a situation in your waking life. The noise in your dream may serve as a way to attract your attention to that  issue. Alternatively, a noise represents a breakthrough into your personal struggles. Perhaps you need to be more vocal and be heard. Or perhaps you need to break through a barrier that has been holding you back.


Nomad -To dream that you are a nomad suggests that you are are alone . You are lacking motivation and you don't have relationships.


Noose -To see a noose in your dream represents tangled love relations. You feel restricted and restrained from being able to express yourself.

To dream that a noose is around someone's neck signifies your repressed anger and rage at that person or towards a particular condition.


Nose -To see your own nose in dream indicates that you are giving your cent percent in completing whatever task is assigned to you. Nose in also symbolic to energy, intuition, and wisdom. The nose also represents curiosity to know things happening around you may be you remember the saying "poking your nose".

To dream that you have a bloody nose indicates that you are or you will be involved in some fight. To dream that your nose is stuffed up indicates that you unable to freely and fully express yourself.

Notary-To see a notary in your dream indicates that you are looking for approval or validation from someone may be aof your actions or decisions.


Notes -To read or write a note in your dream indicates that you want to convey some important message to others.

To dream that you are passing notes symbolize your pursuit for knowledge and information.

To see musical notes in your dream is symbolic to harmony and peace.


Notebook -To see a notebook in your dream indicates that you need to keep track of things for your own use. It may indicate emotions and issues that you have overlooked in your waking hours.


Novel -To see or read a novel in your dream indicates your likeness and fondness towards reading. It is also related to your spiritual and calm nature and your desire to gain intellect.

Nuclear Bomb -To dream of a nuclear bomb indicates your worst insecurities and fears. You are going through a negative phase of life full of rage an hostility which may even destroy you and you are not able to do anything to stop that.

Numbers -To see numbers in your dream indicate profits and gains in your professional life. The dream might also mean that you are over analytical and rational in life and want to keep a track record of each and everything around you.

Nun -To see a nun in your dream signifies purity, chastity and obedience and spirituality. It also indicates that you need to live up to the vows and promises you have made.

If you are a woman and dream that you are a nun, then it indicates that you are trying to escape your present life which is not so pleasant and happy.


Nuptial To dream of your nuptials indicate your commitment and promise towards a new stage of your life which is coming.


Nurse -To dream that you are a nurse indicates that you are a compassionate persona nd you like to help and take care of others. To see a nurse in your dream represents that you need someone to take care of yourself mentally, physically as well as spiritually.


Nursery -To see a plant nursery in your dream represents your love for nature and its beauty. The dream is also related to your potential, growth, and ability to nurture things and change in life. To see a baby's nursery in your dream symbolizes your maternal instinct. The dream might indicate that you are expecting or are planning to add a new member to your family.

To see nuts in your dream represent craziness, stupidity and confusion. To dream that you are eating nuts indicate prosperity and health.

Nymph -
To see a nymph in your dream represents the feminine mystique, innocence, grace, beauty and purity.